Services: Lawn Care

  • Core Aeration
    • Assists in relieving compacted soil. Compacted soil can create stunted grass growth, bare areas, broadleaf weed growth, an overall poor-quality turf. Core Aeration is a process that removes cores from your soil profile and deposits them on the top of your turf, making many holes in your lawn. This process allows air into the soil to create porosity. Porosity is important in soil to allow water and nutrients to move freely throughout and be accessible to the grass roots, allowing strong roots to become established. The cores are left on the top of the grass to break down from exposure and/or maintenance and re-distribute their properties back into your soil profile.
  • Fertilization
    • An important step in creating a healthy turf. We promote a slow-release fertilizer that works with the soil microbes to effectively feed your turf. There are three important times for fertilizing Nova Scotia, cool-season grass lawns:
    • Late Spring Fertilization - coupled with aeration, assists the turf in waking up and healing from the stress of winter. This application feeds the grass portion of your lawn (greening up) and the aeration allows air into the soil for better water and nutrient movement; letting the grass breathe and feed.
    • Early Summer Fertilization - feeds and supports the whole grass plant; helping manage the stress of heat and ward off pests and disease. Applied in June before the grass slows in growth and focuses on storing carbohydrates throughout the dormant summer period.
    • Fall Fertilization - feeds the roots of the grass, giving it sugars to fatten the root system and survive the tumultuous winter months. Grass that receives fall fertilization is able to reserve sugars to help wake up and green up earlier in spring.
  • Lime
    • Required in our Atlantic Region due to the maritime acidic soil profile. Lime creates a more alkaline environment favourable for grass growth. Liming and aeration in spring are a good couple, the lime will enter the soil profile quicker by way of the core-holes. In fall, a Lime application requires the heaving of the ground from freeze/thaw to get worked into the soil, Mother Nature's process of aeration. Lime is a slow acting amendment; it requires patience and perseverance to alter the acidity of a soil profile.
  • De-thatching
    • The mechanical process of combing out old, dead grass 'thatch', from the crowns (growing area) of grass plants. When a build-up of thatch occurs in lawns, it smothers the crowns and blocks airflow. This build up creates stress in grass, which makes it susceptible to pests and disease. Proper mowing practices, fertilizer rates, and annual aeration all assist in controlling thatch problems. Lawns that are predominantly Kentucky Blue Grass will require de-thatching annually, due to the growth style of this grass species.
    • This weed control is an iron-based weed suppressant approved by the HRM Pesticide By-law P-800. Excess iron administered, at specific seasonal times, assist in interrupting the weed's ability to grow and store carbohydrates. Though results can vary, two applications are recommended, 3-4 weeks apart. FIESTA is only available within a Lawn Care package of three or more items, as we strive to create a healthy lawn that can outcompete weeds, over time. Note, FIESTA does not have efficacy on some weed species and is not suitable for use on lawns establishing clover.
  • Compost Tea
    • 'Brewed' in our Dartmouth Facility. It is a liquid concoction of beneficial microbes and nutrients created to bolster your soil culture, microorganism content and nutrient availability. It is sprayed directly onto soil, turf, and plant material. The application typically results in disease suppression, retention of nutrients, increased nutrient availability, detoxification of residues, and an increase in soil structure. This is a gift to all that goes on below the soil, the MOST important level!
  • GrubGONE!
    • A newly approved bio-insecticide of the HRM by-law P-800, which targets June, Japanese and European Chafer beetles' white grubs. This product is a concentrated amount of Bacillus thuringiensis ssp. galleriae (BTG), a bacterium found naturally in the soil culture. GrubGONE! is not used as an extermination but rather an aid in bringing equilibrium back to landscapes with grub issues. Wildlife foraging can still occur while a property is being treated and is not a 'silver bullet' of grub treatment. GrubGONE! is only sold within a Lawn Care package of three or more items, all important in creating and keeping a healthy lawn that can outcompete pests and disease.

Mark and his team were very professional. They worked efficiently and left the property looking as I had requested. Mark accommodated my request to further trim back bushes and a few tree limbs. What they did in one day would have taken me weeks and investment in more garden tools.

Thank you for accommodating my tight time line for this job!!

Pam Dalseg

We recently had Mark and Kelly from Edmonds put in a brick walkway for us. I had provided a picture of what I was looking for and I got exactly what I was hoping for. The team at Edmonds were great to work with and I will certainly use them again for any future landscaping projects I may have.

Cathy Wilson

I want to pass along the positive comments that we have been receiving here at the Dominion Building regarding the cleanliness of our sidewalks since the storm. Your hard work and effort has not gone unnoticed.

Jerry Fraser, Maintenance Team Leader
Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions

We have been receiving very positive feedback from everyone who is outside on the grounds during our Convocation days. Again many thanks to you and your team for so successfully taking on the challenge of having the campus ready for convocation in the last few weeks.

Tom Strapps, Maintenance & Operations
Saint Mary's University

We had a vision of a stone terrace that reminded us of our favorite café in Barcelona, Spain. Edmonds Landscape professionally guided us with their knowledge and expertise. They listened to our ideas and when asked provided us with excellent advice to get the most out of our space and showed great attention to our level of satisfaction. The outcome was better than we had envisioned.

The Bradley’s

Edmonds has had the landscape maintenance contract for the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal since 1999. Our landscape contract covers fourteen diverse properties, some with high public visibility such as the Swiss Air Memorial sites, Government House, Province House and the Museum of Natural History. I have an excellent working relationship with the company. Edmonds responds immediately to special requests; work crews are well trained and work is of a very high quality in their attention to detail.

Nova Scotia Transportation & Infrastructure Renewal
Nick Coffill
Supervisor Building Operations

Any of the jobs that I have had done - be they pavers, tree trimming or garden beds, or fence construction - were all done well and I was satisfied…The quality of the workmanship and materials supplied remain long after the cost has been forgotten.

Leroy Roy

We have contracted with Edmonds for snow removal services for over two dozen properties over the past twenty years. We appreciate that they have sufficient resources in terms of their equipment and that it is consistently in good working order, as well as sufficient labour forces. They also have access to extended resources in the event that extra assistance is required, so that we are not constantly in a position of waiting to be serviced.

East Port Properties Limited
Judy Wall, Property Manager

The time came for us to give up snow clearance on our double driveway and walks so we decided to contact Edmonds. The service has been outstanding. Our drive and walks have been shoveled and cleared before 6:00 am. In the event that we are 'plowed in' later on, a quick call brings almost immediate results. It has been a great relief to have such good service.

Norman Graham
Home Owner

Edmonds has been contracted for seasonal maintenance at many properties that I have managed throughout my 17 year property management career. Edmonds has proven they are capable of looking after all aspects of landscape maintenance and snow removal. Risk management is a large part of my responsibility. Edmonds safety program in my opinion not only leads the industry but also serves as a model for any business.

Ashford Properties Inc.
Harold Daley, General Manager

Edmonds has provided Landscape Maintenance services to Saint Mary’s University for the past many years. The service is provided on a timely basis to meet the needs of our students and is very thorough. They have taken on a true ownership role in terms of the appearance of the Saint Mary’s University grounds.

Saint Mary's University
Gary Schmeisser
Facilities Management

Trusted Quality, Exceptional Service