Services: Landscape Maintenance


Our spring services can be a separate project or a part of your total seasonal management program. We recommend garden beds freshened with cultivation, edging and annual transplants; trimming, pruning and removal of dead, diseased, or interfering vegetation – essential for your property to be ready for enjoying the summer season.

Early Spring is one of the more popular times to aerate your lawn. Deep core aeration enhances air and water circulation in your soil. Spring is also an excellent time to fertilize or incorporate soil amendments that may be required.

In the movement towards organic management, Edmonds was the first commercial landscape contractor to make use of clover as a key component of the turf mixture, bringing back a practice that was the pride of gardeners before the pesticide era. It is especially helpful to overseed with clover in early spring to get the jump on weeds. Lawns with a healthy stand of clover will generously compete well against weed establishment. Over the long term this will help build humus, diversify your lawn, and enhance drought and pest resistance.

As seen on "Houzz": How to switch to an organic landscape plan

Nova Scotia winters can expose necessary repair jobs both inside and outside of our homes and businesses. Well rounded and experienced carpenters can assess and fix both small or large problem projects. For commercial clients litter/garbage pick up is always a problem we can help to deal with. After the long winter, our landscape construction crews are always happy to get their hands dirty again and would be glad to revitalize your landscape.


As summer approaches, your lawn and gardens still needs attention. It is important to monitor turf growth to provide optimal mowing frequency, encouraging root growth. Proper lawn maintenance including fertilization, maintaining proper lawn cutting height, all help to discourage weed growth.

The best time for overseeding success and/or renovating your lawn is the period from early August to mid-September (depending on the extent of the work involved). Optimal Daily watering is essential for newly seeded or sodded turf areas. Morning is the best time to water, even if just before sunrise. Watering during other times is possible but not ideal.

Annual transplants require adequate drainage and moisture to thrive. The size and configuration of pots, planters, or garden beds does make a difference. Small containers require more attention, as do areas in full sunlight.

This is a great time to assess your trees from a total landscape perspective. Removal of deadwood and selective pruning shows their full potential. An assessment followed by action will encourage better tree health. Hedges and some shrubs require pruning and shaping now. Edmonds has the personnel and experience to ensure the job is done safely and properly.


Early Fall is also a good time to aerate your lawn and incorporate organic amendments. Deep core aeration enhances air flow, helps water circulate in your soil, reduces thatch and allows for better fertilizer penetration, thus reducing the threat of disease and pests. Organic fertilizers or Compost Tea break down slowly, allowing for maximum plant uptake and minimum leaching out of the soil.

Putting your property to bed with a proper Fall cleanup leaves it neat and tidy for the winter months. Spring blooming Bulb installations will brighten the following spring. We recommend early bloomers for our Nova Scotia climate but there is a wide range available.

Fall removal of deadwood, selective pruning and cutting back all encourage tree and shrub health. Removals can be done throughout the fall and winter, weather permitting.

Fall is also an excellent time to renovate perennial gardens. Dormant plants can be successfully split, transplanted and re-arranged, allowing a fresh new planting to emerge the next spring.

Mark and his team were very professional. They worked efficiently and left the property looking as I had requested. Mark accommodated my request to further trim back bushes and a few tree limbs. What they did in one day would have taken me weeks and investment in more garden tools.

Thank you for accommodating my tight time line for this job!!

Pam Dalseg

We recently had Mark and Kelly from Edmonds put in a brick walkway for us. I had provided a picture of what I was looking for and I got exactly what I was hoping for. The team at Edmonds were great to work with and I will certainly use them again for any future landscaping projects I may have.

Cathy Wilson

I want to pass along the positive comments that we have been receiving here at the Dominion Building regarding the cleanliness of our sidewalks since the storm. Your hard work and effort has not gone unnoticed.

Jerry Fraser, Maintenance Team Leader
Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions

We have been receiving very positive feedback from everyone who is outside on the grounds during our Convocation days. Again many thanks to you and your team for so successfully taking on the challenge of having the campus ready for convocation in the last few weeks.

Tom Strapps, Maintenance & Operations
Saint Mary's University

We had a vision of a stone terrace that reminded us of our favorite café in Barcelona, Spain. Edmonds Landscape professionally guided us with their knowledge and expertise. They listened to our ideas and when asked provided us with excellent advice to get the most out of our space and showed great attention to our level of satisfaction. The outcome was better than we had envisioned.

The Bradley’s

Edmonds has had the landscape maintenance contract for the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal since 1999. Our landscape contract covers fourteen diverse properties, some with high public visibility such as the Swiss Air Memorial sites, Government House, Province House and the Museum of Natural History. I have an excellent working relationship with the company. Edmonds responds immediately to special requests; work crews are well trained and work is of a very high quality in their attention to detail.

Nova Scotia Transportation & Infrastructure Renewal
Nick Coffill
Supervisor Building Operations

Any of the jobs that I have had done - be they pavers, tree trimming or garden beds, or fence construction - were all done well and I was satisfied…The quality of the workmanship and materials supplied remain long after the cost has been forgotten.

Leroy Roy

We have contracted with Edmonds for snow removal services for over two dozen properties over the past twenty years. We appreciate that they have sufficient resources in terms of their equipment and that it is consistently in good working order, as well as sufficient labour forces. They also have access to extended resources in the event that extra assistance is required, so that we are not constantly in a position of waiting to be serviced.

East Port Properties Limited
Judy Wall, Property Manager

The time came for us to give up snow clearance on our double driveway and walks so we decided to contact Edmonds. The service has been outstanding. Our drive and walks have been shoveled and cleared before 6:00 am. In the event that we are 'plowed in' later on, a quick call brings almost immediate results. It has been a great relief to have such good service.

Norman Graham
Home Owner

Edmonds has been contracted for seasonal maintenance at many properties that I have managed throughout my 17 year property management career. Edmonds has proven they are capable of looking after all aspects of landscape maintenance and snow removal. Risk management is a large part of my responsibility. Edmonds safety program in my opinion not only leads the industry but also serves as a model for any business.

Ashford Properties Inc.
Harold Daley, General Manager

Edmonds has provided Landscape Maintenance services to Saint Mary’s University for the past many years. The service is provided on a timely basis to meet the needs of our students and is very thorough. They have taken on a true ownership role in terms of the appearance of the Saint Mary’s University grounds.

Saint Mary's University
Gary Schmeisser
Facilities Management

Trusted Quality, Exceptional Service